Metrology - simulator

Self-assessment: dial caliper in 0.001 inch

We recommend you to interact with the page before performing the self-assessment: dial caliper with virtual dial: simulator of reading and interpretation in one-thousandth of inch inch (0.001in)

evaluate your performance:

  • if the number of mistakes are higher than goals
  • restart from beggining: interact with the pages:
  • Vernier scale
  • dial caliper in inch 0.001"
  • if the number of goals are higher than mistakes
  • you are doing well... interact with the simulator:
  • dial caliper in inch 0.001"
  • if there is a mistake:
  • continue practicing with the simulators
  • the metrology doesn't tolerate gross errors

dial caliper Evaluate your knownledge how to use the dial caliper in inch resolution one-thousandth of inch (0.001in)

Use of self-assessment program: dial caliper in one-thousandth of inch resolution (0.001in)

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