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Exercises of reading and interpretation of dial indicator in millimeter and inch

List of exercises of dial indicator Dial indicator

reformulated, with reading in hundredth millimeter (0.01mm) and a nominal range of 10mm and(or) thousandths of inch and span 1in. List of exercises printable to support the performance of professor in regular classes, e-learning and for students practice. Exercises for practice of reading and interpretation of instruments of linear measurement.

Before solving this exercises list, I recomend reading the page and interact with the
Simulator of dial indicator in millimeter with hundredth resolution (0.01mm)
and with the page
Simulator of Dial Indicator in thousandth inch (1.000")

Dial Indicators: with nominal range of 10mm and resolution of 0.01mm (0.01 - 10.00mm)
with span of 1.000in and resolution 0.001in (0.001 - 1.000")

to print the reading and interpretation exercises of dial incicator
click in the icon [printer] imprimir os exercises de leitura e interpretação de Dial Indicator of the window below

observe that the instruments can be interpretated in millimeter or inch

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