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Virtual dial indicator, simulator of prelaod, use and reading

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Simulator of preload of dial indicator - how to use this instrument of linear measurement

On this simulator you will learn the science of utilization of this instrument of measurement, interacting with the instrument, with the fuse or with the contact point ( see main components ).

On this object or learning, you can drag and drop the instrument of measurement for the preload, you also can torn teh display (dragging and dropping the ring in a circular motion) so that the zero line align with the pointer of preload, oculting the given measure (clicking in the eye icon) and cancel the effect of the spring of instrument (clicking in the locker icon).

Virtual Dial Indicator, simulator of preload, use and reading

Fixing the dial indicator

There are lots of dial indicator models in use at metal mechanich industries, all models have in common apropriated place to put the devices or adequate acessories. Usually, the dial indicators are not manual measurement instruments, except when associated to adequate devices.

Pré-carga no Dial Indicator

Applying the preload

When the dial indicator is "not in use" a spring push your fuse and the contact point until the end of cursor, to accordingly measure it's necessary to touch the contact point in the surface you wish to measure, or in the control one, and push the dial, so you can load the spring and a space to the fuse go and come back, with no risk of the contact point go away of surface or the fuse beat in the end of teh cursor, forcing teh instrument agaisnt the fixing device.

Reseting the dial indicator

The preload application makes the pointer of the dial indicator turn, some fixing acessories has devices that allows a fine adjustment, bringing the pointer until the zero mark of the display, however, the dial indicators has a ring that allows turning the display to align tha Zero of display with the main pointer.

Measuring with dial indicator

This topic is explainned in the page: Virtual Dial Indicator - simulator in hundredth millimeter (0.01mm)

Virtual Dial Indicator, simulator of preload, use and reading

- drag and drop the dial indicator until make contact with teh surface and makes the preload
- turn the big display of indicator until align teh zero with the main pointer
- drag and drop the fuse, or the contact point, to determin the measure

note: by limitations provided by monitor resolution the indicated dimension in teh isntrument it can't be equal to the quota, to learn how to read the instrument go to page: Virtual Dial indicator - simulator in hundredth millimeter (0.01mm)

Virtual Dial Indicator, simulator of preload, use and reading

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