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Metrologia - simuladores

use of the digital caliper in inch with resolution of 0.0005in

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simulator for practice in use, reading and interpreting:
digital caliper in inch - resolution of 0.0005 in

Digital caliper is a measuring instrument (measuring) equipped with a linear slider that glides on a ruler. It is designed to take linear measurements of external contact. It can also measure internal dimensions, depths, among other bumps, eliminating the need to interpret the reading.

An electronic device increases the distance traveled by the cursor and presents it in a liquid crystal display. One advantage of this geometry is the possibility of switching between the measure presented millesimal-tenth inch and hundredths of a millimeter. Another advantage is the ability to zero the instrument at any point in the past to see the difference between the measures facilitating the inspection of various parts of tolerance without the need to interpret each one, for example.

For reference, the main scale of the simulator is graduated in decimal inches and millimeters.

This instrument, as a rule, can not replace the micrometer resolution thousandths inch, because its accuracy (inaccuracy between the actual value shown) is higher than the resolution (lesser extent shown by an instrument).

Use a digital caliper in inch with resolution of 0.0005 in simulator for practice in use, reading and interpreting

horizontally drag and release the cursor (rectangle below)

  • click on the "in / mm" to toggle between the measurement scales in inches and millimeters
  • click on the "zero" to zero the display at some point in the range drag the cursor to the right and left, and investigate the results
    • click again to reverse the situation

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