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Download of the learning objects 'virtual instruments of metrology' - download the simulators in your computer

download virtual metrology instruments - simulator and self-assessmentEsteemed colleague,

if you intend to include these learning objects in your teaching class and you don't have internet access in the lab, download these programs in the .exe mode in your computer.

They are the simulators, programs of self-assessment and nomenclature in the .exe mode, that runs in any computer with no need of plug-ins, net, browser or internet access.

In the list below, click in the image of the instrument of your preference and go to its download page, where you will find the simulators and self-assessments in the available measure units. After that, just click in the link that you wish for download.

The simulators and self-assessment are in the execuutable mode (.exe), this way, depending of the security configurations, your browser will send or not aletr messages.

To return to this page, click in the item 'Download' of the 'Metrology' menu.

Best practices, your contributions, suggestions are always welcome. Use the page 'Contact' , and also send to us any problems you may find with the download.

Download of the simulators, self-assessment and virtual instruments and components of metrology: caliper, micrometer, ruler or line gauge, vernier scale, dial indicator, goniometer, triple beam balance and program of conversion between linear units millimeter and fractional inch and thousandth in the executable mode.

Adjustment simulator, deviations and tolerances NBR 6158

     Simulator and self-assessment of tolerances, deviations and fits standard NBR 6158

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