Metrology - simulator

Virtual Dial Indicator - Simulator of use in
inch thousandth resolution (0.001in ou 0.001")

Dial indicator Simulator of use, reading and interpretation of Dial Indicator in thousandth inch

This instrument reading is similar to the dial indicator in millimeter of hundredth resolution, the display is recorded in the same way in both cases, the difference is in the gear ratio between gear teeth and pinion inside. So, we recommend you to familiarize with the science of its reading interacting with the page: Simulator of Dial Indicator in millimeter with hundredth resolution (0,01mm) and later come back to understand the difference.

roll down the page to interact with the simulator of reading and interpretation of dial indicator in thousandth inch drag and drop in teh vertical the detail in orange

Dial Indicator in inch and the science of its reading

One complete turn of the main pointer of our simulator represents the equivalent to one tenth of inch of the fuse movement. This display has ten numbered divisions (from 0 to 90 ten by ten) and each one of these is subdivided by ten lower marks, totalling one hundred (100) divisions. This way each one of the marks of the display it's equal to teh hundredth part of the tenth inch (1/10/100 or 0.001in). The span (nominal range) of the instrument represented by simulator is 1.000in (to avoid limitations imposed by monitor resolutions, the span (nominal range) of this Simulator of dial indicator is of 0.114in); this means that this characteristic makes necessary that some device count teh number of turns of the main pointer, this device is the smaller pointer. This way, when the smaller pointer reads its ten divisions it means that read ten tenths of inch (10/10), or one inch.

Components of Dial Indicator

Click here to explore an image of one dial indicator and know the name of its mais components

Applying a preload in the dial indicator

Virtual dial indicator - preload simulator

after interacting with teh simulator, I recommend you to solve this
list of exercises of reading and interpretation of dial indicator
in millimeter hundredth resolution (0,01mm) and (or) in thousandth inch (1.000")

Simulator of Reading and Interpretation of Dial Indicator in thousandth inch

In the Dial Indicator below, drag and drop, in vertical, the detail in orange for reading

tip: turn the big display of Indicator

- turn the big display of indicator
- click in the 'eye' icon to hide the measure
- click in the 'locker'icon to cancel the spring effect of instrument

note: by limitations imposed by monitor resolution the
distance runned by the contact point is no proportional to the indicated one

to interact with a dial indicator with course of 10mm realistic click here
and to interact with a dial indicator in millimeter and tenth resolution

now solve the:

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