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Metrologia - simuladores

Simulator of use - dial indicator in millimeter (metrical sistem) with graduation of hundredth of a millimeter (0.01mm) - www.stefanelli.eng.br

Simulator of reading and interpretation of dial indicators

The dial indicators (also be known as a dial gauge, dial test indicator, probe indicator or as a 'clock') are a measuring device used to mesasure small linear distances with accuracy and(or) to indicate linear movement. Is one of the few instruments to measure analog allowing the measurement of linear quantities in a direct measurements (directly measuring the size desired) and(or) indirectly measurements (by setting the difference between the desired size and other known). In this simulator you will learn the science of using this measuring instrument, interacting with the spindle or a contact point (tip). In this simulator, you can also turn the dial (display) (dragging and dropping the rim in a circular motion) so that the 'zero' line with the pointer after the call 'pre-load'.

  • scroll to the bottom of the page to interact with the simulator of reading and interpretation of dial indicators
  • drag and drop in the vertical detail in orange

Dial indicators and their use

This measuring instrument works attached with devices such as posted operating magnetic base indicator holders, support, performance or guides. Because of its fragility, is warns its use in the hand of the operator.

Dial indicators and direct measurements

dial indicators - direct measurements

fig. 1 - dial indicators - direct measurements

Dial indicators and indirect measurements

dial indicators - indirect measurements

fig. 2 - dial indicators - indirect measurements

after interacting with the simulator, I recommend to resolve this
list of exercises in reading and interpretation of dial indicators in
millimetric graduation (0.01 mm)

Simulator of reading and interpretation of dial indicators

In the dial indicator below, drag and drop, in the vertical, detail in orange for reading

tip: Turn the display of teh dial indicators

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