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In metrology, goniometer is a instrument used to mark or measure angles

On this simulator, the diametrical arc of the called 'graduated scale' is divided in 180 spaces equidistants, named 'degrees', that are the 180 divisions of 1° (one degree) graved in the body of the instrument.

When turning the blade , in the 'joint', it forms angles with the body base. The pointer indicates to a value coined in the scale, that is the measure of the corresponding angle made by the lateral of the blade and the body base. The angle made by the other lateral of the blade and the body base is the complementary angle , that its measure is obtained by the subtraction of the corresponding angle of 180° (180° - indicated measure).

Mechanic of utilization of the simulator of goniometer of the end of page: drag and drop (turn) the blade and investigate the formation of teh corresponding angle and the complementary one. The value between '( )' is obtained by interpolation.

To learn how to convert a decimal angle em degree, minute and second (° ' ") <- follow this link

Virtual goniometer

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