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simulators of linear measurement instruments, of angle and of mass; use, self-assessment; program of tolerances, deviations and fits ABNT NBR 6158

Interaction guide with the pages of the virtual measurement instruments and with tables of deviations and tolerances; simulators, self-assessment and exercises

The objective of this page is to guide the studies serving as an index to the most of the pages with simulators, self-assessment, books, tables of deviation and tolerance, pages answered and commented exercises and conceptual maps of Metrology from Prof. Eduardo J. Stefanelli portal,

Select in the lists below the subject of your interest and follow the purposed guide.
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Interaction guide with the pages of the simulators of virtual measurement instruments, tables of deviations and tolerances and conceptual maps of metrology

Vernier Caliper

Interaction guide to the virtual 'caliper'with dial or digital in millimeter (resolution 0.05mm, 0.02mm and 0.01mm), thousandth and fractional inch, self-assessment, exercises and components

vernier caliper
Interaction guide - vernier caliper, digital or with dial in millimeter, fractional inch and thousandth

Dial Indicator

Interaction guide virtual dial indicator in hundredth millimeter and thosuandth inch - exercises - self-assessment and components

Dial Indicator
Interaction guide - dial indicator in hundredth millimeter and thousadth inch

Vernier Scale

Interaction guide to virtual vernier scale in millimeter tenth resolution, 0.05 and 0.02 - fractional and thousandth inch, exercises and self-assessment

Vernier Scale
Interaction guide - vernier scale in tenth millimeter, 0.05; 0.02; thousantdh and fractional inch

Triple beam balance

Simulator of reading of mechanical libra of triple scale in tenths of gram

Triple beam balance
Simulator of triple beam balance in tenths of gram - virtual mechanical libra


Interaction guide - virtual micrometer in hundredth and thousadth millimeter, in thousandth and tenths of thousandth inch, micrometer of depth and internal micrometer; use; self-assessment and componets

Interaction guide - micrometer in hundredth and thousandth millimeter and in thousandth inch and in tenths of thousandths

ruler or line gauge

Interaction guide 'line gauge' or 'scale' in millimeter, tenth and fractional inch; exercises and self-assessment

Ruler or Line gauge
Interaction guide - ruler or line gauge in millimeter, fractional or tenth inch

Millimeter, Fractional and thousandth inch

Study guide to comprehend, measure and use fractional and thousandth inch, learn also how to convert measures in inch and millimeter

fractional inch, milesimal inch and millimeter

Study guide - Fractional and thousandth inch


Interaction guide to teh subject goniometer with tenth resolution, one minute and five minutes with direct vernier scale and retrograde and self-assessment

Goniometer or protactor
Interaction guide - angle transfer, degree or goniometer

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