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Simulator of inside micrometer

inside micrometerHow to use the instrument of linear measurement 'inside micrometer' in millimeter hundredth resolution (0.01mm)

  • Roll down until the end of the page, drag and drop the thimble of bigger visualization in the vertical to fine aproximation or the thimble of smaller visualization in the horizontal to fast advance.

Use of inside micrometer in millimeter hundredth resolution

In metrology, the micrometer is not able to do depht measures with no association with other devices. The same millimeter thread, and other components, can be used to this goal. It just need some modifications. In the offices the inside micrometer is also known as imicro.

You must be familiarized with the use of the external micrometer. The reading of the inside micrometer follows the same logic. However, it's necessary, to take some cautions. Interact with the simulator below and see that the line coined the sleeve correspond to the millimeter covered by the thimble. Other detail, is that the increment of hundredths is done in the opposite direction to the obseverved in the micrometer.

The model of the inside micrometer used on this simulator is has an open interpretation. There are some presentations (types) of these instruments. Micrometer like caliper, inside micrometer of three contacts and tubular inside micrometer are some examples. However, all have in commoen the same method for reading and interpretation.

Virtual inside micrometer: how to use the instrument of measurement
'internal micromenter' in millimeter with hundredth resolution

  • To reduce the number of clicks, this simulator has a fast advance. Just drag and drog in the horizontal the thimble of the smaller visialization. For fina adjustment drag and drop the thimble of the bigger visualization in the vertical.
  • Observe that the scales are inverted, when compared to the external micrometer.
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