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Use of the micrometer

micrometerUtilization of the micrometer

The principle of the utilization of this instrument of measurement is grounded in your operation principle. The best use of this instrument, and teh interpretation of the correct measure of the object, it is similar how to attach a screw. If we not take care with the force used, we can change the measure until the point of dusting the thread.

Take a look on this animation, in the end of the page, that a lot of steps are taken:

Procedures to the best use of the micrometer

  1. hold the instrument with the left hand in the thermal insulating of the frame, so that the thermal energy of your hand doesn't change the precision of the measurement
  2. turn the thimble in the adequate direction, take away the spindle of the stop so that the object of the measure fit on this space
  3. make contact between the stanchion of the micrometer and the object of the measurement with care
  4. turn the thimble in the adequate direction, approaching the spindle of the object of the measure
  5. use the ratchet or friction to dose the force of the grip. After the spindle touched in the object of the measure, two or three advances of this device are enought to create the necessary tension.
    Use the same quantity of advances that you used in the momment of the gage the instrument
  6. take the measure, make the reading and the interpretation
  7. turn the thimble in the adequate direction, dismissing the contact, and
  8. take away the instrument

after you comprehend the process of utilization, comprehend the principle of measure of the micrometer interacting with the simulator

if you are not familiar with the nomenclature of the components of the micrometer, like: stanchion, spindle or thimble; click here and interact with the page'micrometer components'

Click in the key 'repete' to initiate the animation of the utilization of the micrometer
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