Professor Eduardo José Stefanelli holds a Masters in Information Systems, is a Systems Analysis Specialist, a Mechanical Engineer, an Instructional Designer, a Multimedia Director and Academic Director of the Industrial Area of IFSP – Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo . He lives in São Paulo, SP.

He has more than twenty years of experience in planning, producing, directing and evaluating courses and educational programs / interactive and collaborative media training, online and offline, authoring more than a hundred courses, programs, simulators , CD-ROMs, websites, learning objects, presentations, demonstrations, scripts, technical processes, interactive exercises, among other teaching / learning instruments, worked as author, director, instructional designer, content writer, screenwriter, distance education, mediated education through digital technologies, courses and educational and institutional websites.

Developer of technical and academic solutions in the fields of human knowledge of mechanical engineering, education and programming, he is a researcher at the School of the Future of USP, consultant associated with PNA – Pfromm Netto and Associates – Samuel Pfromm Netto – and TTS – Rio de Janeiro -Consultoria Global Tecnologia, Training e Sistemas -Alexander Romiszowski.

Academic Director of the Industry Area, member of the IT Committee, coordinator of Distance Education -EAD at the IFSP -Instituto Federal de Educação Ciência e Tecnologia de São Paulo- São Paulo Campus, is a teacher of basic, technical and technological education. Technical, technological, engineering and bachelor degrees, ministering among other curricular units: Design for Engineering 1 and 2; Metrology 1 and 2; Transport Phenomena 2; Fluid Mechanics; Computer Aided Design; Computer Programming – C ++ Language; Automobile Mechanics and Didactics of Higher Education.

Author of courses whose quality was recognized by reference entities, such as the interactive CD-ROM ‘The Geometric Design in Multimedia’, awarded by the MEC – Ministry of Education. His website – Prof. Eduardo J. Stefanelli at – was classified by this ministry as an educational portal.

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