Bisector of an Angle with Ruler and Compass

Bisecting an angle with ruler and compass

Stroke bisect an angle with straightedge and compass

The Geometric Drawing in Multimedia

An angle bisector is the semi-straight, which originates at the vertex of the angle, which divides it into two congruent angles, this animation is part of the educational program The Geometric Drawing in Multimedia.

Compass is a design tool that makes arcs and circles. It also serves to solve some geometric problems.

Technical drawing
Charting bisect an angle with straightedge and compass


  1. Trace an arc with the center on the vertex of the given angle, point A, and find B and C;
  2. Without changing the radius, trace an arc with center in B;
  3. Without changing the radius, draw an arc with center in C to find D;
  4. With the ruler, trace a segment by connecting  A and D;
  5. The segment AD is the bisector of the angle BAC;
  6. BAD ? DAC

Eduardo Stefanelli

Engenheiro por profissão, professor por vocação