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Portal Prof. Eduardo J. Stefanelli -
Beginning of the mobile phase of Portal Prof. Eduardo J. Stefanelli

Pursuing and perfecting

After more than a year of planning, dedication and investments, I am excited to announce that the Portal Prof. Eduardo J. Stefanelli is beginning a new phase.

Now, besides the adjustments in aesthetics and usability, we have recoded the animations to html5, which allows the portal to be accessed from any mobile device. During this process some things have been lost, but much more was gained.

It is also more interactive, we have created a space for the user to post their doubts and comments, we are adding realistic 3D images, converting the printable pages to the PDF format, we have also increased the number of pages in English and tenfold the pages in Spanish and many other things.

Our goals are: to continue offering a fertile environment to teach and learn and revitalize the Portal for the next fifteen years.

The participants of this project, which collaborated with their time and talent are: Leonel Costa Braz, Ivo Alexandre Lima Pereira de Souza, Adriana Lopez Vargas, Daniel Negretti, Iana Costa, Richard Tahara, Rodrigo Marchi, Diego Rocha and the students Lucas Damasio de Melo, Vitor Camolesi Guimarães and Marcela Modesto Stefanelli, which I am thankful.

We are aware that there is still a lot to adjust, we count on your cooperation. Use the “Contact” page or the “Leave a Comment” space on the page itself to report broken links or that link to pages in the wrong language, spelling mistakes, incorrect content, and so on. We will greatly appreciate your contribution.

Let the next fifteen years begin!

Eduardo J. Stefanelli

Eduardo Stefanelli

Engenheiro por profissão, professor por vocação