Carburator Operation – Animation

carburador - carburetor
Interactive animation of carburetor operation

This animation is an idealized carburetor which was subjected to a full cut in the length direction. The chambers and pipes containing fuel or air. The vertical arrows represent the masses of air and fuel-air mixture into and out of the carburetor body. The blue color represents air; the yellow color fuel; green color represents the air-fuel mixture, and changes its tone as the ratio, and the ash is the material on which the carburetor was built. Unlike what happens in a real carburetor, technical limitations prevented the fuel jets to spray when in contact with the air flow.

Interactive animation of carburetor operation and its systems


– Drag the throttle arm to change the air flow

– Click here or scroll down the page to understand the individual operation of the carburetor systems

Eduardo Stefanelli

Engenheiro por profissão, professor por vocação