Carburator – Maximum Power Auxiliary System

carburador - carburetor

This animation sought to be the most realistic to demonstrate the role of the maximum power auxiliary system, or supplemental mixing system, in the carburetor.

Carburetor – Maximum Auxiliary Power System

With the triggering drive the throttle increases the air-fuel mixture passage area through the carburetor body. As the engine speed increases, so does the air flow rate and the speed with which the air passes through the carburetor body. In these regimes the tendency is for the mixture to become poorer.

In full load regimes, the speed of air in the carburetor body reduces -Principle pressure Bernoulli- causing depression at the end of the maximum auxiliary power system outlet pipe, air, with increased pressure in contact with the surface of fuel in the tank at maximum fuel pushes the auxiliary power system outlet pipe correcting the mixing ratio.

This mixture correction is progressive and increases to the maximum engine speed, allowing for maximum power with the lowest possible fuel consumption.


– Changing the color arrow represents the ratio of the air-fuel mixture;
– Cooler colors represent poorer mixtures
– More quantes colors represent richer mixtures
– The size of the arrows represents the volume of air or mixture admitted per unit time (flow rate)

Eduardo Stefanelli

Engenheiro por profissão, professor por vocação