Cardan Shaft – Universal Joint and Sleeve Ferrule Stepper

Cardan shaft – universal joint and sleeve ferrule stepper

Cardan shaft – Interactive animation of a Cardan shaft.

Cardan shaft, also known as cardinal shaft, (we’ll use Cardan Shaft in honor of its inventor Girolamo Cardano) is a component of torque transmission.

Usually it consists of a tubular shaft, two sets of Universal Joints and glove system – ferrule stepper, among others. It is a component of the transmission system, its function is to redirect the engine turning movement, after passing through the gearbox and the drive to the wheel, going through the ‘planetary and satellite’ system etc.

The motor rotating shaft is horizontal, the drive pinion spin axis is also horizontal. The problem is that these axes are not aligned, they are parallel to each other. The Cardan Shaft redirects the drive shaft to the drive pinion without changing the direction of rotation.


– Interactive arrows allow you to change the spindle turning speed for easy viewing;

– The left arrow slows to a stop turning;

– With Cardan shaft stopped, click on the small arrows allows smooth positioning;

Cardan shaft

On this animation there are two shafts rotating in parallel: a mover and moved, the Cardan shaft redirects the rotary movement without changing the direction of the spin.

Eduardo Stefanelli

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