Projecões Ortogonais - Representções Ortográficas - Orthographic Projection - Proyecciones Ortogonales

Orthographic Projections – Orthogonal Representations – Animation

Orthographic Projections - orthogonal representations: based Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry and Projective Geometry Orthographic Projections - orthogonal representations Orthogonal projection is the basis of Orthographic representations and courses: Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry and Geometry Projective, among others, which are customarily offered in technical and technological courses for the...

Micrômetro - Micrometer - Micrómetro

Use and Reading of the Micrometer in Hundredth of Millimeter

Reading and interpretation of the micrometer in centesimal millimeter (hundreth of millimeter) Use of the instrument of measurement 'micrometer' in the metric system and centesimal resolution: reading and interpretation The micrometer is an instrument of portable measure, not so versatile, but with good precision when used correctly. It...