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download da apresentação Projeções Ortogonais - Representações Ortográficas Orthogonal projection – Orthographic representations – Download

Presentation: ‘Orthogonal Projections – Representations Spelling’ executable

Dear colleague.

If you plan to include this learning object in your teaching practice and there is no Internet in the room, download this program in executable form on your computer. It is the presentation ‘Orthogonal Projections – Orthographic Representations’ in the executable format – which runs on any PC without the need for plug-ins, network or Internet access.

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The ‘Orthographic Projections – Orthographic Representations’ presentation is in the executable format (.exe), so depending on your security settings, your browser will issue a series of alert messages.

Good practices, your contributions, in the form of suggestions and criticisms, are welcome (use the page: Contact), you can report any download problems as well. 

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Download do programa executável 'Projeções Ortogonais - Representações Ortográficas'

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See the step-by-step explanations of the Orthogonal Projections – Ortographic representations. 

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