Geometric Design in Multimedia – The Encyclopedia of Geometric Design

The "Encyclopedia"

The “Encyclopedia”

The “Encyclopedia” of Geometric Design contains the theory of plane geometry, divided into topics: Point, Line, Plane, Parallel Lines, Competitors, Revessas, Circumference, Polygons among others. The theory is presented in the form of two-dimensional and three-dimensional animations, texts, drawings and narrations. The “Encyclopedia”, learners also have access to the “Virtual Clipboard”. Navigation for this application is made freely, not linear, stimulating the curiosity of the learner or as directed by the teacher.

In the module “Encyclopedia” the contents are explained, the classical procedures are demonstrated, access to the texts, hypertexts, glossaries, examples, exercises, comparisons, among other teaching / learning strategies is available.

Above, there is a sample topic “Conic Curves”, one of the twenty five covered by the program.

When opening the “Encyclopedia” the learner will find the interface as seen on the side, which will give him access to program content, – through the pyramid stones – as well as the icons: help, tutorial, “Virtual Clipboard,” plus icon providing the program output.

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