Geometric Design in Multimedia – The Game

The game

The game

Basically the “Game” has the same structure as the “Encyclopedia” of Geometric Drawing. The main differences are: 1) the impossibility of free interaction with the program, hot areas will only refer the learner to familiar subjects; 2) unacknowledged subjects are disabled in the pyramid of stones, the stones are marked with a dark gray color, for reference only; 3) when the learner tries to advance to the next topic, the evaluation screen is activated. Interact with the vertices of the pyramid.

When he/she starts the “Game”, the learner will see an animation that creates his imprisonment’s metaphor in the pyramid. Then enter the main screen where you will find the subject content “POINT”.

CD-ROM “The Geometric Design in Multimedia”

After interacting with this content the learner clicks on the Snake icon telling the software that he wants to move forward and is ready for reviews. The program will activate the Sphinx that evaluates. If the answer is right, the program will allow it to continue, creating new challenges if it’s wrong, the program will automatically go back to the prerequisite that he has not yet mastered.

Eduardo Stefanelli

Engenheiro por profissão, professor por vocação