Geometric Design in Multimedia – Program Structure

The Structure of Geometric Design in Multimedia

The Geometric Design

The Geometric Drawing is usually part of the content of the course ‘Technical Drawing’, which is taught to students of technical education and students of some exact courses in third grade. Its purpose is to study the flat geometric figures, which can be drawn with the help of ruler and compass, and the solids whose faces form these figures. The usual strategy for your teaching / learning is to practice the classic procedures for solving concrete problems. It lacks prerequisites, the data with which it works are true propositions within a logical system, its legacy is spatial reasoning and visualization.

The educational program “The Geometric Design in Multimedia” was designed to be both motivating and self instructive; to allow learners to interact with it, arousing curiosity and for learning to occur according to the speed of the learner; it has evaluation of learning tools and rich visual stimuli.

The objective of this program is to provide the learner with a way to visualize and use the ‘concepts’ of Geometry for use in the Technical Drawing and in their day-to-day life. For this we do not concern ourselves with formalism or mathematical rigor, but with a clear and intuitive presentation of the ideas behind the ‘concepts’.

CD-ROM “The Geometric Design in Multimedia”

The Structure of Geometric Design in Multimedia

The “Geometric Design in Multimedia” program runs on a CD-ROM and is divided into three applications: the “Encyclopedia”, “Virtual Clipboard” and “Game”, which are accessed through their respective icons In the “Geometric Drawing in Multimedia” program group that is formed in the Windows Start menu after installation.

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