Self-assessment: Micrometer in Hundredth of Millimeter

We recommend you to interact with the page before the self-assessment:

Micrometer in millimeter with hundredth resolution – use, reading and interpretation

Evaluate your performance:

Use of the self-assessment program micrometer in hundredth millimeter

read and interpretate the instrument click in the indicated local and write the result

  • if the indicated measure is right:
  • click in “NEW CHALLENGE”
  • otherwise:
  • try again
  • use the [Delete] bottom or [Backspace] from your keyboard
  • click in “I QUIT”
  • the program wiil show the right answer
  • click in “NEW CHALLENGE”
  • continue until you wish
  • at least ten interpretations
  • evaluate your performance
Eduardo Stefanelli

Engenheiro por profissão, professor por vocação