Orthographic Projections – Orthogonal Representations – Animation

Projecões Ortogonais - Representções Ortográficas - Orthographic Projection - Proyecciones Ortogonales
Orthographic Projections - orthogonal representations: based Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry and Projective Geometry

Orthographic Projections – orthogonal representations

Orthogonal projection is the basis of Orthographic representations and courses: Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry and Geometry Projective, among others, which are customarily offered in technical and technological courses for the industry in some engineering, architecture, industrial design (designer) , among others.
In this interactive animation, after the formation of the dihedral, a three-dimensional model is positioned in the first dihedral parallel to the coordinated planes (projection planes) – orthographic projection – and animations show the transition from the conic projection to the cylindrical projection and perpendicular to the projection plane Orthogonal) by printing orthogonal representations. In the end, the projection planes rebound in time, evidencing the orthogonal representations.

This was the first educational animated by Professor Eduardo J. Stefanelli.

Watch the step-by-step explanations of the animation Orthogonal Projections – Orthographic Representations

Orthographic Projections – orthogonal representations Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Projective geometry

Eduardo Stefanelli

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