Simulator: Goniometer in Degree

Goniometro - Goniometer
virtual goniometer in degree

How to use the simple goniometer

In metrology, goniometer is an instrument used to mark or measure angles

In this simulator, the diametrical arc of the so-called ‘graduated scale’ is divided into 180 equidistant spaces, called ‘degrees’, which are the 180 divisions of 1 ° (one degree) engraved on the body of the instrument.

By rotating the blade at the ‘joint’, it forms angles with the base of the body. The pointer points to a value coined on the scale, which is the measure of the corresponding angle formed by the side of the blade and the base of the body. The angle formed by the other side of the blade and the base with the body is the complementary angle, the measurement of which is obtained by subtracting the corresponding angle of 180 ° (180 °).

Mechanic of using the goniometer simulator at the bottom of the page: drag and drop (rotate) the blade and investigate the formation of the corresponding angle and the complementary angle. The value in parentheses ‘()’ is obtained by interpolation.

To learn how to convert a decimal angle em degree, minute and second (° ‘ “) <- follow this link


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