Simulator of Use and Reading of Ruler or Line Gauge in Fractional Inch

Escala ou Régua Graduada - Ruler or Scale Regla
Virtual Ruler or Line Gauge in Fractional Inch

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The scale represented in this simulator is in fractional (fractional) inches. This means that the numbering engraved on the ruler represents an inch that has been subdivided into successive halves up to the fraction of 1/16 “(one sixteenth of an inch).
Observe in the simulator that you can not be sure how much the edge of the measurer is in the marks. Technological devices like the nonius correct this limitation.

Also note that you can not be sure when the mark is actually aligned with the edge of the measurer on both sides. This imprecision of reading has the consequence that the measurement taken is unreliable or imprecise. Instruments such as the caliper correct this limitation.

Virtual rule: practice of use, reading and interpretation in fractional inch – simulator

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Self assessment: ruler or line gauge in fractional inch
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