Virtual Dial Caliper in Fractional Inch – Simulator

Paquimetro com Relógio - Dial Caliper - Calibre Reloj
Virtual dial caliper in fractional inch of Use, Practice, Reading and Interpretation

Use of dial caliper in fractional inch

The mais scale of this simulator is graduated in inch, that is subdivided in sucessive halves up to one-sixteenth.

In the dial, the pointer gives a complete turn (360°) every inch of avance (1in) and its display has sixty four divisions. This way, each mark that the pointer goes represent an advance of 1/64 of inch (one-sixty-fourth inch or 1/64″).

Note that the fractions whose denominator is 128 shown in the virtual caliper quota are obtained by interpolation.

Virtual dial caliper in fractional inch resolution 1/64″ – simulator of use and practice of reading and interpretation


Eduardo Stefanelli

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