Virtual Digital Caliper in Thousandth Inch – Use and Reading Simulator

virtual digital caliper in inch milesimal - use simulator and practice reading

Use of digital caliper in thousandth inch

Resolution 0.0005 in with millimeter switch and zero at any point

Digital caliper is a linear measuring instrument with a cursor that slides on a ruler. It is designed to take external linear measurements by contact. It can also measure internal dimensions, depths, ridges among others, dispensing the interpretation of the reading.

Digital caliper versus analogic, which one to use?

Each instrument has its high and low points. I will contrast some of these points by comparing them to analog and digital time clocks.
The analogic dial if the one with pointers. It is analogic, because we interpretate the value of the hour comparing the position of them with the display and the indication is a continuous function, this way we put a lot of efforts in terms of interpretation on this simple act.
The digital dial has no pointers, we read directly the value of the hour in the display. This approach eliminates the need of interpretation of the value of the hour that stays more uniform (doesn’t matter who is gonna read) and request much less efforts.

The previous paragraphs induce hasty conclusion that the digital dial is preferable over the analogic one. However this conclusion is not, by the way, the most correct one.

What time is it is one information not so relevant to many people. Usually, what we need is to know how long it takes to get until the time that interest to us. How long does it take to the end of the class or to the beggining of the movie theather, for example. The analogic dial allows interpretation of this information with no efforts. It eliminates the need of calculations.

Looking through this optic, the analogic caliper is preferable in the production lines, because it helps the professional to make calculations of how much material still must be removed, for example. The digital caliper has your space in the sections like the: quality control, inspection and metrology.

Virtual digital caliper

For reference, the scales of this simulator are graduated in millimeter and in tenth inch.

An electronic device increases the distance traveled by the cursor and displays it on a liquid crystal display. An advantage of this geometry is to allow the possibility of switching the displayed measurement between millimeter millimeter, tenth-millimeter inch and fractional inch. Another advantage is the possibility of adjusting the instrument at any point by consulting the difference between measurements, facilitating the inspection of the tolerance of several parts without the need to interpret each one, for example.

The digital caliper, as a rule, cannot substitute the micrometer with resolution thousandth of inch , because its exactitude (imprecision between value measured and the real) is bigger than of the resolution one (smaller measure displayed by one instrument).

Virtual digital caliper in thousandth inch – simulator of use and practice of reading and interpretation

Drag and drop the cursor in the horizontal or use the buttons


  • click in the key “in/mm” to commute the measure between the scales in inch and millimeter
  • click in the key “zero” to reset the display in any point of the scale
    • drag the cursor to the right and to the left and investigate the results
    • click again to reverse the sittuation
  • the screen resolution of the monitor does not allow that this instrument interpol each possibilite of the measure.
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