Virtual Vernier Caliper – Fractional Inch Reading Simulator

Paquímetro Universal Nônio ou Vernier em Polegada Fracionária - Vernier Caliper - Calibre
Use, Reading and interpretation of the universal caliper with fractional inch scale and vernier resolution 1/128"

Use and reading of universal caliper in fractional inch 1/128″

The universal caliper is a measuring instrument provided with a scale and a slider that slides on it. It is designed to take external linear measurements by contact. It can also measure internal dimensions, depths, bumps, among others. Possibly, this is the most common metrology instrument in the metalworking industry.
The main scale of this simulator is graduated in inches – British or British imperial system – which is divided into fractions. The vernier divides the 1/16 “(one sixteenth of an inch) by eight, marking the 1/128” (one hundred and twenty eight aves of the inch).
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Virtual universal caliper with fractional inch in-use simulator, reading and interpretation simulator

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