Virtual Vernier Scale – Five Hundredths Millimeter Simulator- 0.05 mm

Nönio ou Vernier em milímetros
Virtual vernier scale - simulator in millimeter, resolution of five hundredths of millimeter - 0.05mm

Virtual vernier scale with twenty divisions – simulator and practice of reading and interpretation of vernier scale in millimeter – resolution five hundredths of millimeter – 0.05 mm

The vernier scale is a technological device that increases the sensibility of a scale when subdivides its smaler division.

On this simulator the scale is 1:100, that means the graved numbers are the hundredth part of meter or the centimeter – bigger marks, that it was subdivided by ten -smaler marks, the millimeter. The vernier has twenty spaces between vertical marks, so, it divides by twenty the millimeter, the smaler division of the main scale, obtaining five hundredths of millimeter 0.05 mm.

We recommend you to interact with the page: Virtual vernier scale – simulator of use and reading in decimal millimeter before you go on.

How to read the vernier of twenty divisions

Vernier Caliper

figure 1
measure with a scale provided of vernier with twenty divisions – increase of sensibilitty

Nonius with twenty divisions

How we saw on page Virtual vernier scale – simulator of use and reading in decimal millimeter , by definition resolution is the smaller difference between indications of a display device that can the significantly perceived .

On this simulator the smaller division of the main scale – fixed scale – is the millimeter, that was divided by twenty divisions of vernier.

Resolution = 1 mm / 20 = 0.05 mm

The resolution of this simulator is five hundredths of millimeter 0.05 mm.


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