Virtual Vernier Scale in Milesimal inch 40 Divisions – Use

Virtual Vernier Scale in inch milesimal 40 divisions - using

Using the vernier caliper in inch milesimal vernier scale with 40 divisions

Vernier or Caliper is a technological device that increases the sensitivity of a measuring instrument, to subdivide the lower division it. In this simulator the vernier or vernier (rectangle below the scale) has forty spaces between the vertical lines. This means that it divides by 40 to 0.040in size (forty micro inch) which is the smallest division of the main scale.

Vernier or nonius

In this simulation, the vernier or vernier scale is low, which slides on the main scale (fixed) measuring magnitude “inch” which is divided into five (the space between the long marks – 0.2in) which are also subdivided for five (the space between the short marks), totaling 25 divisions per inch or 0.040in) -figure 1.

Escala de medição em polegada dividida milésimos

Figure 1 – inch divided by five (0.2 in) and divided by five (0.040 in)

The vernier or vernier has forty rooms, so it divides the lower division of the main scale by forty (0.040in / 40 = 0.001in) [| i i i i | i i i i | i i i i | i i i i | i i i i | ] – Figure 2


figura 2 – nonius or vernier – to divide by forty the smaller division of the main scale

The reading is very simple. Figure 3. Check if the zero (0) of the vernier has passed the seventh long stroke (7in), passed the second half stroke (0.2in), passed the second short stroke (2×40 = 0.080in) and its Twenty-fourth stroke aligned with another of the scale (0.024in). To get the reading just add up. 7in + 0.2in + 0.080in + 0.024in = 7.304in

Escala em polegada milesimal subdividida por um nônio ou vernier com 40 divisões

Figure 3 – inch scale milesimal with the smallest division subdivides by a vernier or vernier

If the vernier zero is between two lines of the main scale, check that the trace left is a subdivision (short dash – 0.040in) and multiply by the number of 0.040in short dashes to the left, add this number to the whole inch, the tenths of inch and the value of the vernier trace that line (phew). In figure 3 example:

  • the measurament we’re taking is higher than 7 in and lower than 8 in.
    • We take 7 in to start the sum
  • the zero of the vernier passed the second long stroke of the main scale
    • 0.2 in
  • the zero of the vernier also passed the second short stroke of the main scale
    • 2 x 0.040 in = 0.080 in
  • the twenty-fourth vernier dash lined up on the main scale
    • 0.024 in
  • add the values
    • 7 in + 0.2 in + 0.080 in + 0.024 in = 7.304 in

Scroll down and practice these skills.

Virtual Vernier – Simulator in inch milesimal, 0.001 in, with 40 divisions

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