Metrology Workbook – Tolerances and Adjustements – ABNT NBR 6158 Charts

Handout: tolerances and adjustments tables of standard NBR 6158 - Metrology

Handbook for metrology classes: required tables for the calculation of deviations and tolerances according to standard NBR 6158, e.g 180 H7 – g6, for shafts and holes; Measurement in Metric and English; Conversion between metric and English metric measurements, e.g fractional inch or millimeter to millimeter conversion (if this is the subject of your interest, I suggest you interact with the ‘millimeter to fractional or millisimal inch’ conversion, or vice versa) . Topics covered: introductory lesson – measurement history, measurement, inch, decimal and fractional system, standard block, tolerance tables and standard deviation.
Use the calculation program, self-assessment, simulation and graphics program: “Pitch and Tolerance NBR 6158” to calculate the maximum and minimum dimensions and fit the holes and shafts. also calculate the key spacings, top and bottom; tolerances; clearance or interference fits and autoavalie their results.

Handout of tolerances and fits tables of standard NBR 6158 – Metrology

Handout Metrology

Handout Metrology - tolerances and adjustments tables of standard NBR 6158


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Simulator, self-assessment and graphics program:adjustments, clearances and tolerances NBR 6158

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